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Another long boring Saturday working from 8am to 10pm, getting paid for 6.5 hours. 🙄

I thought employers paid you for lunch breaks and all that. Won't miss this job a bit. Can't even call in for a day off if I'm sick unless I'm dying lol. And when I barely pipe up and ask for a favor I get sanctioned. Next week I'm doing 16 hours on pay time, tied up for most of four days. Don't dare ask for anything else or who knows what will happen. 😳

I don't mind hard work but I don't get walked over or taken advantage of (or, if I do it's only a matter of time when I bounce back and kick off my offenders lol). I'm currently on an unpaid lunch break but who cares... Fingers crossed, I'll see the back of this job within a couple months. 🤞

There is nothing more motivating than a miserable experience. The horizon is mine! I'll do it or die. I can't lose anything below this depressing level of mood. I'm sitting at rock bottom and currently don't have a reason to live unless I crawl out of this muck hole and smell the fresh air again. 🙏

Can't wait til I officially open my crafts and paper etc shop. I'll be starting it in a low rent unit and work my way up. That's the plan. 👌

Amber 🎨


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