Fail 7 Times, Get Up Round 8

Hello 8th Post, how appropriate! 😁

Tonight I launched my Insta page for FLO'S BIZ 🛍️✨ It's starting out as a little shopping with commission shop for customers outside the UK to be able to buy mood boosting products, unique gifts, etc. 🎁

So the girl who used to hate shopping now shops for a career. Exciting times! It'll be like a job that definitely doesn't feel like a job, here's hoping it goes into full swing soon! 🍀

Who knows what I'll be adding next to this one, as my brain is always full of ideas, plans, a whirl of color and crazy. ðŸĪŠ

First things first, this is the beginning of The Amber Florenza Project... *drumroll* 👏

Amber ðŸŽĻ


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