The Amber Wright Project, Renamed

As always, I'm switching things up. πŸ™„

I decided to let the mask fall off and the real me show, name and all. I'll still go by Amber Florenza for my author name of the books already published and for future juvenile books... But I'm gonna write for ages 16+ as Amber Wright, as well as the Love Beads Sixties Shop online business. πŸ›️

I'll need new business cards, again. But I'll take my time on this design and wait until I have some extra money so I can get them how I like them. Might even advertise the both of them on the same card... Like, having the shop products go with the books. I'm already thinking along the lines of retro styled skirts and accessories. The bead necklaces will definitely be a jewelry all my fictional girls will wear. 🌼

Yes, my head is always up in the clouds but it can't be helped. Love me or leave me alone, it's your choice not mine. I'm trying the best I can. πŸ’—

Amber πŸ›️


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