Little Miss Brownie Again

So I had my hair dyed a light silver blonde. I thought it'd blend in with my silver hairs better. Turns out it went too gray. πŸ™ˆ

I bought a cheap but healthy hair dye (henna cream) but it made my hair go a hazy blue, so I ran to the corner shop with a towel on my head and bought some brown hair dye! 🀣

So I'm a Brownie again now! 🍫

Yeah, it's a pic that describes me best - silly and moody. πŸ€—

Been editing some in one of my episodes tonight! So I feel a bit better. Had to take a long hike round town to level out my sugars and moods. Mix of awake half the night, skipping breakfast til late, etc. Hopefully my body will adjust sooner than later. Usually takes three days to settle down. πŸ™„

Catch you later - -

Amber πŸ¦‹


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